Inspire . Empower . Educate . Mentor

Women Leaders in Technology was established with the firm belief that women can and should hold key leadership and decision making positions in the field of computer technology. We follow a two folded vision: To reduce the gender gap in the technology field by encouraging young women to pursue careers in the field. To enable them in becoming innovators and leaders, creating a new cycle of mentors and role models for all coming generations to follow.

WLiT's annual fellowship program has built a community of passionate young women. Over the last 5 years, 54 young women have graduated from our program. 43 of them have entered the workforce, with 98 % staying in the tech space. The program alumni re-engage as volunteers, mentors, board members, and staff. (Learn more about the fellowship program)

Our partners are our biggest champions. Many tech companies and industry experts acknowledge the gender gap and want to do their part for inclusivity. Our partner companies offer internships to kick-start the career of incredibly talented young women in tech. Our guest speakers work pro bono to influence and guide the future leaders of the industry.

Many alumni lead their own projects under the WLiT Banner. The projects range from endorsing open-source software to advocating for safer internet practices. A culture of shared leadership allows multidisciplinary projects to thrive within the community.